March 29, 2011

Shapes and Sizes

Let me ask you to look at the pictures below, and see what your first thought is!

When I first saw this spread in this month's Hungarian Glamour magazine, I thought: Why would they publish two almost identical pictures of the same model in the same clothes?

And then I read the text and understood. The model on the right is size 36, the one on the left is size 42. They are wearing the same clothes, only of course in their own respective sizes. This is where the message definitely hit home.

As you know, I started my blog only recently and really enjoyed getting to know new bloggers all over the planet and the supportive nature of this community. I wondered how I could get involved more. I noticed many established bloggers have accounts on fashion community websites like chictopia and lookbook. So I went on and created an account at one of these. And proceeded to go through a proper crisis of faith within the next hour.

As I checked the popular users and looks, I felt more and more fat, old, and plain uncool. This shouldn’t work like this – I thought – why should I feel unwanted in a community I believed to be inclusive? Am I so naïve I didn’t realise what goes on behind the façade? (Wow, two foreign characters in one sentence. Anyway.)

As I thought about the bloggers I follow and the ones I just got to know in the past two weeks, I made my mind up. What sort of community do I want to belong to? The one that excludes me, looks down on me and makes me feel unwelcome even if I'm a little bit different? Or a crowd that is accepting, connection based, who welcome those of ALL shapes and sizes, and encourage every opinion? And who dare to look different, even, god forbid, imperfect?

The choice is easy if you ask me and if you look at Márk Viszlay’s great photos in Glamour Hungary. Beauty isn’t the requisite of the young and thin, despite popular belief, and those bloggers who dare to be different, who dare to be imperfect are my kind of people. So I deleted my account at the fashion community website and keep looking out for refreshing ideas from all around the globe, from bloggers with integrity.

What about you, have you gone through similar feelings when you started blogging? Do you still feel unwanted in the blogger community for whatever reasons?

Let’s discuss and build a community that is based on the visual, but kept going by what’s underneath!

(Disclaimer: The photos don’t belong to me, but to Glamour Hungary and Márk Viszlay. If you are the owner and wish to have them removed, contact me. Sorry for the poor scans.)

March 25, 2011

Everyone is So Much Cooler in Sunglasses

 The sun is so warm, I can't believe it! Finally spring is here!
Looks like that's all you need for your pictures not to be grainy! :)

These trousers make me feel a bit like Marilyn Monroe. Just a bit. :) They have a definite 50s vibe for me, and the classic-shaped sunnies too. The blouse with the ribbon closure also reminds me of decades ago.

I put my hair up using flower pins. 
I could say it was all intentional but in fact I couldn't find my hairclip. :)

The stuff I wear: 
Zara trousers, Thrifted blouse, 
Humanic shoes ( yeah, again, I know, I can't not wear them :) 
Sunnies: New Yorker, Earrings: some small boutique, Flowers: H&M.

March 24, 2011

I'm Grainy but Otherwise I'm OK

These photos came out really-really grainy, I was thinking about not posting them at all... 
What do you do when things like this happen? When you don't like your pictures for some reason?

Starting this blog also made me really aware of what strange faces I make when being photographed. Most of the time I look like I've just seen an alien or something. :) 
Do you have any tips on how to show your best face to the camera? Do you have anything you think about when you're photographed that makes you at ease? Or is it just practice practice and practice?

Today's outfit details: Jacket and culottes: Zara, Cardigan: Promod. I love how assymetric it is and that it has a pin as closure. I'm sure it will feature in not-so-grainy pictures for the details to be properly seen...
Belt: H&M, Flowers: Jojó, Ring: found :) I was actually told today that it's possibly Russian. I wonder who it belonged to!

March 20, 2011

Falling into Grunge

So on these pictures you can witness me falling.
Into heaps of clutter currently found in the flat. :)

For this early spring grunge look I wore a flowery Orsay dress with a H&M belt and a Jojó leather cuff, to toughen it up a little. And as the weather decided to revert back to winter again, so here I am back to my trusty Doc Martens'. Just to do them some justice and so that they get some sunshine too, below is a truly dramatic picture of them.

Really, not enough people realise how great these shoes are. Here in Budapest I only ever see the tough versions on punks. It took me a whole year to meet someone with the exact same blue pair. Absolutely versatile and the most comfortable shoes I've ever had... OK, this turned out to be a love letter to my Docs, but hey, they deserve it! :)

March 16, 2011

The Wind of Change

So here I am, Madeline from windy Budapest, Hungary. Spring winds bring change, and a new blog I've been meaning to start for a long while. Welcome to my personal style blog!

 The stuff I wear:
Trench and Shorts: Promod, Tee: Chinese, Cardi: H&M, Bag: Zara, Tights: Calzedonia,
Shoes: Humanic, Badges: Debenhams, New Yorker, Jojó Art Shop, Necklace and Ring: Joid'art, Scarf: Gift.