September 29, 2011

The Age of Magenta

This handed down flowy blouse is a big question mark for me. I love strange garments so its odd cut and sheerness wouldn’t be a problem. The problem is the „feedback” I got on it – namely that people think I’m older than my actual age when I wear this.


Everyone says we shouldn’t be concerned about the opinion of others. „Be yourself”, I've heard this so many times it sounds phony. Because the same people would then ask you to be yourself but… Look your best! Always! Look as young as you feel! You deserve it!


Uhm, what exactly is it that we deserve? Being constantly worried whether we’re perfect enough? Whether we bring out the best in our looks all the time?

I don’t think any woman deserves this. I have the right not to be beautiful, not to dress pretty, not to look my best. It’s tiring to bring the best out of ourselves in every little detail, and being tired is not fun.


There are so many things I could strive for apart from looking this way or that. I would like to be a kinder person, a more patient person, a more generous person, I’d like to lose much of my selfishness, I’d like to smile more and be less defensive.


So next time people say I look 30 in this blouse and instead of feeling the whole world come tumbling down around me and seeing myself like a wicked harridan in my mind’s eye, I’ll try my best and be patient and generous and smile.


And I’ll tell them I’m actually 20.


Wearing: blouse: handed down, jeans: Takko, shoes: Vagabond, hat: small shop at the local market

September 24, 2011

Unusual Secretary


Guess what, I’m the new secretary at Hogwarts!


I wish! :)


Wearing: skirt, t-shirt: second hand, shoes: Vagabond, 
scarf (in my hair): H&M, Belt: Reserved.

September 20, 2011

Grey Like Old Stone


Actually I’m not that grey.
Especially when I’m laughing my head off.


The benefits of having my Boyfriend as a photographer - I'm entertained. :)


Are you craving a strange-embarrassing fact? Just look at this top. It says: „Bitchin' frosty time to ride”. Now what the flipping hell does that mean? I got it in a Chinese shop and they often print nonsense on their t-shirts, and I bought this one partly because I was so perplexed by the slogan accompanied by a pretty flower... Odd.


Strange fact Number 2: Have you noticed these statues I'm posing by being sort of similar to each other? (Apart from them being rather creepy if not downright scary.) That’s because the artist used the same model for all 6 characters in the group.


The statues actually commemorate the 1514 peasant’s revolt in Hungary, led by György Dózsa (whose head is adorned by a pigeon at this very moment). This revolt, as all of the revolutions in Hungary’s long and turbulent history, was brought down cruelly but remembered fondly. Peasants marching against their almighty lords only carrying weapons fashioned from what they worked with, clothed only in thin linen, wearing no shoes…


They weren't heroes, just everday people who had a very hard life, and I’m sure they looked much more normal and nice than these statues. Imagine different shapes, not only this doorframe largeness, but slight and thin men too, imagine dainty noses, as well as very crooked ones, imagine tall men with huge curly hair, small guys with piercing blue eyes and winning smiles… They must have been like all the men today who we walk past on the streets. Or those who stand up and fight against inequality and suppression still, in 2011.

Yes, these statues might be quite ugly, not very well executed, but they make me think and imagine the people behind the story and they make me think of all the men and women who fight for their liberty today. So I like them.


Wearing: trousers: handed down, top and shoes: Chinese shop, Sunglasses: New Yorker

September 16, 2011

Haunted by the Seventies


I can't live without good 60s and 70s music - singable, danceable, upbeat... I love hearing actual instruments and rarely enjoy computer-generated sounds. I could go on and on about films as well... Watch Almost Famous if you want to fall in love with the decade completely!


Oh, 70s style! I have some original Burda magazines from the 70s and I cannot get over their brilliance. Burda is German pattern-magazine, and at that time it included about 5 times as many patterns as it does now - even nightclothes were a regular feature - providing an everyday angle to the day's fashion. I mean, imagine, you could even sew yourself flared pyjama bottoms! :)


The sunglasses I'm wearing are an original 70s pair that I got a few years ago at an antiques market. The proof that the shape is pure genious is the appearance of similar sunglasses in recent collections. Oh well, I got mine for about 10 Dollars. :)


So many people told me before I should have born earlier to be young in the 60s and 70s... I'm trying to style myself back sometimes, until somebody invents time-travel!


Wearing: Sunglasses: second hand, from an antiques market, Dress: New Yorker, 
Sandals: Tamaris, Necklaces: don't remember, but could be Jeans Club and Brigitte Bijou...

September 12, 2011

Illustrated Shoot: Mist


When there seem to be blind spots at certain parts of the picture.


When you look around and the blur follows you.


It muffles things, but you’re still aware of their existence.


You cannot see clearly, ever.


The question is, do you really want to know what’s hiding from you in the mist?

Wearing: Skirt: second hand, Shoes: vagabond, Jacket: zara, Badges: V&A

September 9, 2011

Blue Moon


The absolute highlight of this outfit for me is my gorgeous new necklace.


My Mum made this beautiful pendant and as I helped her assemble quite a few necklaces yesterday, I sort of felt like I deserve one in exchange... I fell in love with this one!


I fall in love with these sandals as well, every time I wear them. :)


The days are getting shorter so fast... These pictures taken at my favourite door are quite dark already. Wait a minute, shorter days remind me first of all of shorter picture-taking time? I must be hooked on this blogging thing after all. :)

I wore: Trousers: H&M, T-shirt: Zara, Shoes: Tamaris, Bracelets: two sets were gifts 
and another set is from Jeans Club, Necklace: Made by my Mum.

September 6, 2011



Well, you will surely notice... Here we go, I had my hair cut.


I really had to have it cut as the ends were thinning so much that I felt whatever's hanging down from my head is not my hair at all, it doesn't belong to me.
My hairdresser added that it's lucky I don't have feelings like that about - say - my left arm.


I assure you I'm not that weird. :P


I'm not sure I mentioned it before but Marilyn Monroe is an absolute hero-icon-imaginary friend of mine. That's why I received this t-shirt as a present last Christmas and although I love it, I find it really difficult to style. For one thing, it's so odd to have a face on your chest - it moves and contorts and just looks, well, odd. I also had a problem with its colours, so today I thought I'd add both red and pink accessories to it, and see what happens... So I have pink and red flowers in my hair, a red belt and red bra-strap, and I totally forgot to take a picture of my pink shoes. Anyway, you get the idea. :)


I'm sort of blurry here as the next second I totally fell out if the picture. :)

Wearing: Zara trousers, gifted top, my sister's belt, H&M flowers, Women's Secret bra.

September 2, 2011







What can I say? Enjoy the last bit of summery warmth - and freedom!
(This includes wearing the same skirt every day if you want.)

Thank you for the great pictures, Boyfriend!:)

September 1, 2011

The Lucky Winner Is...

Hello Everyone! First of all, sorry for my abscence from the blog world, I haven't had time to look around your blogs for a while - real life got in the way. :)

But I have some happy news! Our highly trained monkey drew the name of the giveaway winner!
(I promise the monkey didn't peep, she's very well trained and a honest type anyway.)


Yes, it's lovely Nikki! Thank you Nikki for entering and for tweeting about the giveaway - as your fourth entry won you the prizes! :)