November 29, 2011

Ice Flower


I remember a blogger mentioning how common it was to find an original Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress in thrift shops, and how you'll eventually meet the one that's your size. ( I forgot the source, sorry.) I thought, oh well, probably in the US... So I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted this DVF dress in one of my favourite second hand shops!


One thing I always look out for when second hand shopping is materials I couldn't afford new, and silk is definitely one of them. A heavy silk jersey wrap dress, what else can you wish for for the winter? A pattern called Ice Flower, maybe. Which is what this lovely pattern is called, which I've found out after some online detective work. It makes me think of ghosts of jellyfish rather than flowers, but that's just my personal weirdness. 

Oh, and it cost just the same as all the other, cotton or polyester, no-name dresses... After finding out how much these wrap dresses cost new, I'm really marvelling at my luck now!


This shot reminds me of the days I used to do Hungarian folk dancing, as this twirl looks just like a folk dance move!
I was just wondering how many time Hungarian folk dance and DVF was mentined in one page when I found this interesting blog entry of Diane's looking through the DVF website. Guess what, she visited Budapest in the summer! Really nice of her that she writes about her experiences and am I glad she liked my city!

Wearing: Second hand DVF dress, Calzedonia tights, Chinese booties, 
Promod trench, C&A hat and scarf.

I've seen this before... 

A new feature, yay! In this section you can click over to a previous outfit featuring certain components of the current one. (Gosh, that sounds businesslike!)
In other words, check out my remixes, girls. :)

November 23, 2011

Illustrated Shoot - Hearts of Gold


It's rather nice when Mother Nature provides us with golden accessories - like these fallen leaves.


December is on the doorstep with the festive season setting in. Obviously we don't celebrate Thanksgiving over here in Hungary, but to all the US bloggers - have a great time celebrating! If I could thank you for anything, it would be your continual support of my little blog.


Thank you, all of you with hearts of gold all over the world, for taking the time to read my words, leave comments, share your views! You make my life so much brighter! :)


Spreading some love always feels nice. :)


Wearing: Promod dress, Second hand jacket, Accessorize tights, Chinese shoes, 
Jojó Art Shop handmade felted scarf, Promod belt from another skirt, 
Jeans Club beads, H&M flowers in my hair.

November 17, 2011

Glamour in the City

IMG_2635 copy_resize

Are you wondering how the hat goes with this outfit? Well, I didn't choose it to wear for myself, but carried it to a photoshoot I had the pleasure styling!

IMG_2641 copy_resize

We had such a great time the day before with Gabi, the subject of the portrait/glamour session, working out her outfits and combining pieces of her wardrobe and clothes and accessories I'd brought. The main thing for me was to create looks she'd feel comfortable and great in - and most importantly, truly herself.
Here are some of the many great pictures Zsófi took that day.


Meet wonderful Gabi, with hairclips made up by me with flower pins I'd brought, after Zsófi's genious suggestion to use fallen leaves.


How gorgeous is the setting? No wonder we couldn't resist playing with the leaves!


(You might remember this overdress of mine from this guest post over at The Ginger Diaries blog. It suits Gabi so much better! :)
Here are some other pictures in another outfit - a darker tone in another great setting, a steep old street.


Zsófi is a brilliant portrait photographer - catching so much of Gabi's personality, and so many facets of it.


It wasn't the first time we worked together with Zsófi Raffay on a photoshoot and I sincerely hope there will be many others! :) Here's Zsófi's website and her blog, plus her Facebook!

I'm wearing: 
Promod trench, Takko jeans, Shoe Zone boots, Zara bag, Chinese scarf, Debenhams hat.
Gabi's wearing:
In the first look: Her own dress and shoes,  my overdress and trench, hairclips by mother nature. :)
In the second look: Her own dress, coat and scarf, and my Debenhams hat.

November 10, 2011

Illustrated Shoot - The Day of


These pictures are inspired by John Wyndham's book, The Day of the Triffids.


As you might have guessed, it describes how giant human-eating plants take over the Earth.


It sounds quite like a terribly corny horror, I know. :) But it's much more about human nature than creatures of fantasy. It describes a post-apocalyptic London haunted by armed bands so well, sensible Englishness turned upside down and inside out, that when I went to London and my bus went past places mentioned in the book, the memories of the Triffids welled up really strongly. I'll always see Swiss Cottage surrounded by man-eating plants.


Not a word of fashion was mentioned in this post, but at least you can read what I wore... :)

Wearing: Zara dress, Second hand silk jacket, Doc Martens, Random hat and scarf and tights,
Jojó Art Shop handmade flower pins.

November 5, 2011

Illustrated Shoot - Cartoon Coat


My Mum thinks I look like a cartoon in this coat. Well, you don’t have to take her word for it. :)


I was just about to type: „I love this coat”, when I realised how many times I practically sing lovesongs to my clothes on this blog. This is one of the effects of blogging that I’ve never dreamt of – I have a much more personal connection to my clothes. One of the reasons for this might be the fact that many of you know me through the choices I make in terms of clothing, so I’m much more conscious how they’re a part of my personality.


I’ve always loved finding nice clothes and accessories and trying out different outfits in the morning. Most of the time I work from home, but even if I don’t meet a soul the whole day, I always dress up for myself. Some of my friends find it strange that I never wear tracksuit bottoms and torn t-shirts when I’m just at home… I wouldn’t feel myself if I did that. (Besides, I don’t even own any tracksuit bottoms.) (Oh, OK, I have one pair.) (But I don't wear it.) (Enough brackets!)


I feel lucky I can wear clothes that make me happy about myself, I don’t know how I’d feel wearing work appropriate black and white all week long! Instead, I can wear things like this coat, which fits the cartoon-character part of my personality just perfect.


Wearing: Second hand coat and dress, Promod hat, C&A cowl, 
Calzedonia tights, Chinese shoes.