January 30, 2012

Big Black Boots

Let me present you my first ever tall boots!


I was out at a concert with my friends and one of them commented after I had been staring at my feet for a good five minutes that I must be in love with my boots... (Hi, Tinu!) Uhm, I guess I sort of am. :)


It's very cold at the moment and I couldn't brave the weather any longer, so these are all the pictures I managed to take, but I hope you can see these boots deserve love, really.


On another note, I got a lovely package from Jamillah sent through the real post, to my real postal address! I love getting real letters, don't you? Thank you, Lovely!
Another round of thanks goes to Ipek, who tagged me on her blog and I'm such a lazy blogger that I never end up doing these tags, but thank you Ipek!
The same goes for Vivi who was kind enough to give me a blog award, and again, I'm hopeless at doing the tags! But thank you too! :)

Wearing: my new boots my WonderBoyfriend got me in the sales in Promod, Zara dress, H&M belt, Calzedonia tights, C&A circle scarf, Primark headband, New Yorker coat.

January 23, 2012

Hair Extravaganza - Your Style!

Early one morning (I don't know about you but sometimes I get really good ideas at the crack of dawn) I realised my previous post would be a great opportunity to prepare a little surprise for you! All of you who left some ideas in the comments regarding what your dream hair would be like if you could try out anything, may just get what they wished for!

First Loren shared that she would like to try having a pink pixie cut one day. I think she would look brilliant. Proof? Below! :)


Sarah actually didn't go into details, but I know she would like to have VERY red hair. I always thought it would suit her so well, so I had to give it a try... What do you think, Sarah?


The Waves has the coolest haircut, which I managed to re-draw into quite a traditional one - sorry! She said she has problems with hairdyes not coming out as they should but would love to have red hair. By the way, this photo of her is so beautiful, whatever her hair colour!  


Gracey said she would have tried out many hair colours if her hair wasn't so dark, and I immediately saw her with a good few different colours. I ended up drawing purple as I think it's both very cool and actually becoming for her. I hope you agree, Gracey, but if not, at least you've seen yourself with purple hair! :)


Allison has the most gorgeous shade of red hair and left a comment with a great idea. She said she would dye her hair blue or purple once it turns grey. I mean, just imagine old ladies with bright, colourful hair all over the city! I'll try to remember this when I turn 70.


Jess wished for cotton candy pink hair, and the cotton candy association ended up running wild in my head, so not only is her hair pink, but big and curly too. It also matches her latest outfit miraculously! Especially her Lady Gaga top. :)


Jess requested a beehive, with no special colours given so I tried to keep it sort of natural, for a change. Obviously I didn't succeed and drew the biggest beehive ever existed. It would be way too heavy to carry around all day, lucky it's just a doodle!


That's all for now, those of you who wished for a 'do, I hope you enjoy your new looks! :)
Those of you who didn't, visit these Lovely Ladies to find out what they actually look like, and look around their great blogs! And beware, you will never know when the sneaky illustrator will strike again! Be careful what you wish for! :)

January 18, 2012

Illustrated Shoot - Hair Extravaganza

A word of warning: I enjoyed illustrating this post a bit too much.
Prepare for some shocking hairstyles! :)

Who doesn't want a cloud of blue hair? I couldn't say no to my imagination.


Hot pink... As odd as it sounds from a girl who never had Barbies and flatly refused liking anything pink as a child, I think it actually suits me.


As a teenager I wanted to dye my hair green. Seeing this I'm quite glad I didn't. :)


Fairytale hair, how wonderful it would be to have hair this huge!


 This one is almost like my own hair... I have to say I'm keeping the red. :)

What sort of extreme hairstyle would you try out if you could wish for anything regardless of reality? :) 

Wearing: Thrifted dress with a knotted crop top from Zara, Calzedonia tights, 
Vagabond shoes and Primark headband.

Oh, my blog now has a Facebook page.
Do come and have a look, that's where the party is!

January 12, 2012



I asked my Sister to take some pictures of me so there is finally a change in the background! She took some great pictures - the only problem is that I was shooting jewellery in a darker corner just before and forgot to change the settings... So the focus and colouring of the pictures looks a bit funny but at least they are interesting. :)


The jacket I'm wearing is the one I've exchanged the buttons on back in December - you can read about this awesomely simple DIY here!


This bag was my Christmas present from my Mum, and to put it simply, I'm in love with it. :) The handles are leather (as well as the adjustable strap, which I took off for now), and the bag has millions of pockets and it's colours are just gorgeous... The girl who makes them really pays attention to every detail and the bag is beautifully finished. A perfect example of how much joy a handmade item can give you... This bag is truly special and so much more personal than a mass producted bag with a brandname stamped on it.


Meet my good old sweater dress which I didn't used to wear for years because I was ashamed of my funny curves and here I am, not only wearing it in public, but also posting pictures of it on the Internet. Blogging can work both ways - it can make you more self-conscious about what you wear, but it also gives you more confidence, in your style choices as well as in the acceptance of your shape. At least that's how I experience it. What about you?  


Wearing: the black thrifted jacket self-customised, the dress was a present from my Mum ages ago, the handmade bag is from Joj√≥ Art Shop, hat from a Chinese shop, 
scarf and cuff from Brigitte Bijou, necklace and bracelet from Bershka, 
Calzedonia tights, Doc Martens boots.

January 5, 2012

Illustrated Shoot - Snowing Inside


It's snowing inside me but it would be wonderful if it snowed outside too!


This winter we only saw about half an hour of snowfall, and I dearly miss watching snowflakes glisten in the halo of streetlights and seeing kids sleighing down the slope near to our flat.


One of my first memories is standing in the garden of the nursery school and watching the snow fall on my coat, then looking closely and realising that it was made up of tiny, symmetric starshaped crystals...


Then when I was in primary school, one year the first snow fell on my birthday and my father said he organised it for me. I was so happy!


I also remember walking the streets of Budapest with my first boyfriend and realising that heavy snowflakes cast little shadows on the ground - you can see the snowflake and its shadow nearing towards each other as they fall.


At least in my memories I can always see the snow!

Drawings by me
Wearing: thrifted silk blouse, Takko jeans, Converse shoes and H&M flowers.