March 28, 2012

Bloggers and Bridges


What a busy week! Lots of new experiences, lots of new people!


Let me introduce Carina, who's a German blogger behind the Bad Taste Toast blog. She's visiting Hungary on business, and being a lovely girl that she is, she suggested a blogger meetup!



We met for coffee and cakes last week, and got on so well (even without mentioning blogs) that we decided we should meet up for a stroll and picture taking in the weekend. Let me tell you, it's amazing to walk around, see a great photo spot and having someone with you who understands your enthusiasm and even takes your pictures! :D


Obviously gritty backgrounds are my weakness. What can I say, I love rust. :)


Carina's favourite Budapest bridge is the lovely green Freedom Bridge, so we headed over to snap some photos overlooking the Danube. Playing tourist in your own city - what a great way to spend the weekend. Suddenly you see well-known sights differently!




Then we walked up Gellért Hill and agreed that the weather was simply perfect, not too cold, not too hot... Ideal for sightseeing as the skies were so clear.


We stayed on the top of the hill, looking down at the city and discussing blogging and other things until the sun started to set, then we strolled down the hill towards Elizabeth Bridge bathed in warm light, and decided that this definitely wasn't our last meeting. In fact, we're planning another one this week, while Carina is in Budapest.

Carina, thank you for the great pictures and the great times!
Check out Carina's blog on her take on our meetup and whimsical, fun style!


My first ever blogger meetup was a definite success. Looking forward to more to come. Any of you visiting Budapest this summer? :)


Wearing: Bag, brooches and rings from Jojó Art Shop, Scarf from Bahia, Earrings from an art market, Takko jeans, thrifted jacket and top, shrug from a Chinese shop, Doc Martens. 

All brill pictures of me by Carina! Editing and other photos by me.

March 20, 2012

Illustrated Shoot - The Leprechauns Made Me Do It


Obviously they like pixies, so they persuaded me to get the new haircut. Altough I don't blame them at all, as I love it more and more. Drying my hair takes two minutes, and I don't wake up every morning with what looks like a stack of hay that was thrown at me randomly.


I have a lot to thank the Leprechauns for, or Irish mythology in general, as I ended up at English major at the University I attended because of a really inspirational musician, who plays in an Irish band called Bran, who held storytelling evenings in Budapest. It turned out he has a lecture at my university every week and I decided it must be a good place if studying there involves Irish folk tales.


So I proceeded with my Irish Studies and met my Boyfriend through it all, and we travelled to Ireland together... The Aran Islands are still my dream destination, a wonderfully magical place, where mythological creatures frolick around the stone fences, unseen but felt by the random tourist.


I was gonna post these pictures somewhat earlier but fell ill so I couldn't finish the drawings till now - a bit of a belated St. Patrick's Day! I could just say it was because of the Leprechauns... Let's say it was. :)


 I thought three different types of lace would look good together, hence the all-black outfit. Hope you can sort of see!

Wearing: Thrifted top and skirt, H&M scarf, gifted belt, Deichmann shoes, primark headband.

Pictures and drawings by me.

March 16, 2012

Blog Birthday!


Happy birthday to my baby blog! We're now one year old, yay!


It's been a most amazing year! I've met so many nice people and learnt an immense amount. These are two things that are very important to me in my "real" life, and now I found a hobby - or obsession *cough* -  that involves both. I'm so happy I posted my first pictures exactly a year ago and continued with it all!


The things I've learnt by simple trial and error about blog design, photography and graphics made me interested, annoyed, happy and overjoyed in turn, and I'm so glad I stuck at it and didn't give up. 


Here are some pictures from some of the posts I liked in the year of my blog, you can click on them to take you to the posts, if you're interested! According to the stats, the post you liked the most was Bazaar Times and Handmade Products, about why we should buy handmade, and one I'm really proud of.


I have this blog and you all to thank for the inspiration for my Illustrated Shoots - I would never have worked so much on them without the desire to post them here! I tend to doodle on real photos too for my own pleasure, but sharing my pictures with you was the highlight of this past year.


I've grown so much in my style, and also working as a stylist for Zsófi Raffay in her amazing photo sessions. I'm sure that without your continual support and the inspiration your blogs give, I wouldn't be in the same place!


I'm also amazed that I've known some of you for so long! Just to name those blog friends who first commented on my blog last March: Pau, Ipek, Caroline, The Waves, LV... We've known each other for a year! Big hug, girls! :)


Big hugs to all of you, my blog friends, who I've gotten to know in the past year. You've enriched my life and I'm so glad to keep on reading you and exchanging words with you! Big hugs to everyone who reads my blog but doesn't comment - thank you too! Here's to another year, and more! I'm looking forward to where this year will lead my blog and me, and us! :)


March 13, 2012

The New Me


Yes, it's me. And this is not a wig!


Believe it or not, I've never had short hair before - a chin length bob was the shortest. I can't wait to style it in all sorts of fun ways! I have to say I kind of shocked some of my friends with it, but really I've been prepring for it for a good while. It all started with Sienna Miller's haircut for Factory Girl, where she played Edie Sedgwick...

short hair styles pictures

As much as I adore this cut, my hair would be way too strong for something like this, so I postponed the radical haircut for some time... Then came Carey Mulligan's pixie...



And I was seriously tempted. She has a similar hair structure to mine, so I started looking for pictures and found this, which I thought would suit my type of thick, heavy hair.


And there I was, part enthusiastic, part scared, but very much encouraged by my hairdresser!

(We have a funny backstory with my hairdresser by the way, he came up to me on the bus years ago, offering me a business card. I had very hippyish blonde hair reaching to my waist at that point, which hadn't been cut in years. A hairdresser's nightmare/dream, depends on how you look at it. :) But that was many haircuts ago, back to the story!)

I just love my new hair! It's so different, so fresh, so easy... If you're yearning for a change, a radical haircut might just do the trick! A word of advice: make sure you look for inspiration pictures with similar hair types to yours - and find a great hairdresser!
(Or let the hairdresser find you on public transport. :)

(Sorry for not crediting the pictures, I've been collecting them for a while 
but didn't plan on blogging them...)

Wearing: Thrifted coat, skirt, H&M shrug, Zara top, Calzedonia tights, 
clip-on earrings from a 1 Euro shop, oh, and you can't see my shoes...)

March 10, 2012

My Scarf is Alive


This is what I wore before my scarf came to life and stole the show!







These are my favourite pictures of myself at the moment…
Thank you, Zsófi Raffay for being game and playing with my scarf and your camera. :)
They're also a fitting goodbye to my long hair, as I have a new hairdo! But more about that in my next post. :)


Wearing: Zara top, Bijou Brigitte scarf and necklace from England from years ago.

March 6, 2012

Spots and Stripes


An oversize polka dot shirt and a striped circle scarf - if this combination doesn't cheer you up, well, there's the spring sunshine!


And I've found another set of steps to take pictures on.
I'm starting to become "The Blogger Who Only Takes Pictures of Herself on Steps".


I'm also up for the title "The Blogger Who's Obsessed With Polka Dots". This is my Boyfriend's vintage shirt and it's been beckoning me for months... Now I stole it, haha! 


I could hardly wait to wear this coat again, it's easily my favourite piece right now. This cut seems to be worn by old ladies only, but I couldn't care less. It makes me feel like a character from a book - or from a cartoon. :)


Sunshine can make pictures so crisp! I only cropped these pictures and didn't bother Photoshopping them at all, and they still look so nice and sharp! Ah, the season for much better outfit pictures is approaching. :)


Wearing: Promod lace shorts and boots, Zara top, 
my Boyfriend's vintage shirt, DIY circle scarf, DIY earrings and Calzedonia tights.

March 3, 2012

Photographic Time Travel 1900-1910


There is something magical about old pictures, they really seem like special objects as they bring back a slice of life that’s long gone. Especially amateur, or family photos of old…


There’s and amazing website,, which collects amateur photographs from 1900 to 1990, which you can browse and enjoy and also share if you feel like it! The creators collected old negatives and slides, saved pictures from being lost forever. Luckily for us, one day they started to scan and publish them online for everyone to see. So now time travel really is possible for us! All we need is some free time to immerse yourself in the everyday life of the 20th century...


These pictures are from Fortepan too, from between 1900 and 1910. Looking through the pictures, (and let me warn you, you can get lost in this website for hours and hours...) I saw the past century come alive and felt instantly transported. It’s amazing to see how people weren’t any different from us a 100 years ago, really. You see laid back, smiling girls or clumsy ladies, ashamed of looking into the camera, or looking piercingly straight into it, stolen moments and carefully organised scenes.


Not only can you pan the history of 20th century Hungary through the eyes of everyday people, the evolution of fashion is also fascinating!


Look at the pleating, the ruffles of the hat and the dainty but long necklace! Swoon!


What a wonderful little room, with the dressing table and pictures on the wall… Of course the fingerprint gives it extra charm!


Don’t you think these girls made their dresses themselves and they’re really proud of them? (Also, what’s up with the flying piano?)


I bet the Sartorialist wishes sometimes he could travel back in time and take some streetstyle pictures like this! These girls seem to walk with such confidence!


This wedding picture is so sweet… Just look out for the guest of honour, the dog. :D


This picture is my favourite of them all... Such happiness, such ease.
I've got new imaginary friends.

I could go on and on about each picture and choose more and more, every detail spins a whole story for me. So go on and visit Fortepan and have a browse. You can also read more about their project here!
I rather enjoy time travel, so you might see similar posts in the future. :)