November 27, 2012

Photographic Time Travel 1920-1930


Probably thanks to period movies I have a distinct picture in my head of 20s looks and fashions - much like the picture above and below.


However, looking through Fortepan's amateur photographs you don't only see the "do take a picture of me in my best dress" and "well off people in the park" shots, but real, everyday people going about their business... And how different those looks and settings can be!


My favourite photo from this lot... So everyday, so laid back, so simply, effortlessly perfect.


She's way ahead of her time, isn't she?


I find it so captivating how they all look into the camera like they'd look into your eye.


I trend to forget that longago people still had fun. :)


I wonder who these youngsters are and how did they get to know each other?


And one more for laughs: twenties trolling. :D

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All of these wonderful pictures are from, which collects amateur photographs from 1900 to 1990, mostly from Hungary, which you can browse and enjoy and also share if you feel like it! The creators collected old negatives and slides, saved pictures from being lost forever. Luckily for us, one day they started to scan and publish them online for everyone to see. So now time travel really is possible for us! All we need is some free time to immerse ourselves in the everyday life of the 20th century... So go on and visit Fortepan and have a browse. You can also read more about their project here!



November 6, 2012

Big News!


Here I am, again! And also somebody else... There are two of us on these pictures. :)
Yes, I'm expecting a baby! The Little One growing inside is now about four and a half months old, and causes me to marvel at the wonders of the world and just how lucky and blessed I am every day.


My mind is really occupied with it all too, so concentrating on blogging took a back seat in the past month, but I don't intend to give up my corner of the internet that easy!

I know full well it can feel painful to read about pregnancies for many women, for many reasons, so I definitely don't intend to turn this blog into a pregnancy one, however, as this is partly a personal style blog, the Bump will play an increasing role on the pictures, visually definitely! :D My body changes really fast and it took some time to get used to this, but obviously I didn't stop getting dressed - in fact I rather enjoy that I have to rethink my wardrobe for a new body shape.

So please stay tuned for more style and art, and I will try and not abandon my blog again for so long! :)


These great pictures were taken by Zsófi Raffay, when we were out for another photoshoot I styled for her - but more on that later!

Wearing: Thrifted dress and shrug, H&M Mama tights, Bershka outlet thigh-highs 
(very uncomfortable to wear them like that though! :), Doc Martens.

November 3, 2012



We don't celebrate Halloween in Hungary at all - instead we have the Day of the Dead, but that is a very solemn affair, and definitely doesn't include dressing up. People visit the cemeteries, tidy the graves, light candles for everyone they lost... It's a sad but beautiful ocassion.


These pictures were taken near to where I grew up, and that strange ball thing is supposed to a fountain that I never saw working, not even when I was five and climbing up to the top of it was the achievement of the day. :)

Although I didn't have the ocassion to dress up, my sister Anna, while taking the pictures pointed out I look like I'm cosplaying something - must be because of this overdress. Not what I intended, but you can't really escape looking a bit theathral in it! (If that's a word.)

In other news I'm growing my hair again, as my Boyfriend keeps hinting at how nice long hair is, (oh well, at least I gave short hair a try!) so be prepared for some weird transitional hairstyles in the coming months! :)


Wearing: Promod dress and boots, handmade overdress from a folk market, 
Calzedonia tights, Zara bag, Primark headband.
Photos by my sister, Anna, editing by me.