February 28, 2013

Madeline and the Dreamcoat


The other day the snow was falling so gorgeously, I had to ask my sister Anna to go out and take some photos!


As you can imagine, I ran into a bit of a problem at the beginning of winter how to fit my growing belly into a warm winter coat... Second hand shops came to the rescue! I found this heavy, warm coat with the original 70s paper tags attached, and it's perfect for all belly sizes and it was cheap: win-win-win. And one more win for good measure. :)


We hung up the camera on a tree to take a picture of both of us, resulting in some fun tilted images. :D


In other news: It looks like Bobek might arrive soon! Yay! Exciting times!
So... don't be surprised if I take a few weeks leave of the blog. Not that I've never done that before without such a valid excuse. :)

Wearing: thrifted coat, Chinese boots, H&M tights and pullover, 
scarf from an underpass, and I got the gloves from my sister for Christmas.

February 11, 2013

Style Imitating Art: Poppies and Birds


Hello again, blurred self-shots by the window! :) Well, spring is near and then picture-taking moves outside again, but till then... Let the birds chirp on our fingers!


And let the flowers bloom! This week's Style Imitating Art's inspiration picture is this watercolour of a poppy, “Prinzessin Victoria Louise Poppy - Papaver orientalis“ by Colleen Parker.

It would have matched nicely with my previous post, but never mind, nothing is lost while one has enough pink flowers in their wardrobe!
A wise rule to live by.
I guess. :)


Check out the other entries for SIA at Salazar's blog or at Animated Cardigan, and do join as well!


Wearing: Invázió dress and Chinese boots, H&M Mama trousers, H&M headband, 
handmade ring from a market and I don't remember where the cropped knit is from.

February 5, 2013

Painted Flowers


These pictures were taken by Zsófi Raffay. She's an amazingly talented and what's more, a very lovely person. I'm so lucky to have had the chance to work with her as a stylist!
So when she offered to take some pictures of me (and my belly), I said yes of course, I'm bringing the cakes. :)

IMG_7202b copy_resize

It wasn't easy though to decide what to wear for my own shoot! I know you saw this dress before, but I like it too much. It's like wearing a painting.


I know I will treasure these pictures for ever - reminding me of this weird, wonderful and truly blessed period of my life, with a very special guest residing with me at all times. 


Do check out Zsófi's pictures if you wish to see great portraits and city photos, 
and more... Oh, she has a blog too!

 Wearing: Thrifted dress, H&M Mama tights, H&M flowers.