October 29, 2012

Styling Rozina


This gorgoeus lady is Rozina Pátkai, a jazz singer whose photoshoot I had the luck to style. It's always a great pleasure to work with Zsófi Raffay, a brilliant photographer indeed!

First of all, we met Rozina, who explained what sort of pictures she imagines and discussed the atmosphere and general style of the future shoot... She also sent us links to her band's music, which immediately started me thinking. It's wonderful to be part of a creative process which starts with music and ends with pictures. A few days later I was ready to visit her and wreak havoc in her wardrobe!


I made some sketches about the type of dresses that would suit her shape (she has a great figure, as believe it or not she's also a fencing champion!) and work for the shoot - we both imagined something colourful, and not too elegant, but still put-together. A bit like how you dress for a date you're really looking forward to and you're very happy about! :)

After a long trying-on session, and looking through both Rozina and her Mum's wardrobe, plus my suitcase of accessories, we came up with one full outfit, featuring the yellow dress accented with spicy colours in the shape of flower pins and belts, and we also agreed on a dark blue dress as well, with red sandals.


Let me tell you, it is the best feeling when the people whose styling you're working on follow your general guidelines and go shopping on their own, turning up with a few perfect pieces! That's exactly what Rozina did, and sent me the pictures of a few more dresses she picked up for the shoot - the green and red ones you can see below. I made sure I picked up accessories for these as well, and we were ready for the shoot, which took place in a wonderful retro café, Táskarádió.


The shoot was great fun and I just love the pictures... At the moment this reclining one is my fave. :)
I hope Rozina can use them promoting her music! Here's the link to her blog where you can find all the links to their great bossa novas and jazz songs.
Oh, and do look around Zsófi's photos as well, they're absolutely worth a good look!


Aaaaand, this is not the end of the story. A week or so later we also did a shoot for the whole band! More pictures to come! :) 


(Obviously no animals were harmed, this is just a fake butterfly. :)