December 31, 2011

Good Things

There were so many good things that happened in 2011!

I was inspired by so many things, saw wonderful sights, read many great things, both abroad and in Hungary and on great blogs run by great girls! After all, it's all because of you that I started my own blog this year and it's been such a great experience! I met some lovely people online and I hope the coming year will bring some real-life blogger meetings too!


I had the luck to work together with an amazing photographer, Zsófi Raffay, and styled some really lovely ladies. The first time I had the chance to work as a stylist and I really hope 2012 will bring even more opportunities. I can't wait!

So many thrift shopping tours made me really happy (for instance when I got this dress, my favourite find of the year! :).

I draw and doodled and loved it all!


The times we spent together with my Boyfriend were wonderful... I don't want to be cheesy but really, I'm so happy we've found each other with Marco more than 7 years ago!

I think the days I spent in Croatia with him will always be a fond memory of mine... We were lucky to get a room where we saw the sea from our bed and woke with the rising sun. The loveliest time of the year.

I was also lucky enough to swim in the Atlantic this year and enjoy the many delights of Devon... The moment the ice cold waves rush over you and you're immersed in endorphins and laugh and jump and just want to hug the sea, it's unforgettable!

I got so much support from my Mum, my Boyfriend and my great friends, I'm so insanely lucky to have them! Oh, and our cat. She makes me happy every time I see her, which is no mean feat!


I also got actively involved in politics this year and going on demonstrations against the Hungarian goverment's crazy rulings made such a difference to my outlook on the world. Social consciousness plays an ever-increasing part in my life and I'm really glad about living my life with more to think about.


This year I've also made some decisions concerning career steps which I'm really glad I did, and I hope 2012 I will see my plans even more clear.

Last but not least, I have so many plans for this blog for 2012! I can't wait! :)

What was the best in 2011 for you? I'd love to hear!
Have a great New Year's Eve (I can't wait to dance the night away!) and all you wish for in the New Year!


Wearing: a thrifted dress by Tomasz Starzewski, Calzedonia tights, Vagabond shoes
and a handmade necklace that incorporates stone and glass... A Christmas gift.
The artist keeps it a secret how he molds the two. How amazing is it, really?

December 23, 2011

Christmas is in the Details

Happy Christmas to Everyone!

I hope looking at these pictures make you as happy as it makes me! Their atmosphere captured me the first time I saw them as a child, and I'm captivated since...

They are etchings by Arnold Gross, who creates minuscule worlds in dreamy colours, using a special colouring technique. He's probably my favourite artist and he inspired me in many ways, even in my hope to become a graphic artist.

Those familiar with Budapest - this drawing above is actually very accurate, only the real Budapest is not this idyllic... (Especially when taking part in a demonstration against the government's antidemocratic steps is what you do on the day before Christmas. By the way it was a very atmospheric demonstration. :)

Please click on the pictures to admire the gorgeous details! Looking through Arnold Gross's pictures is one of the most festive things I can imagine!

Here in Hungary we celebrate Christmas on the 24th, so I'm looking forward to decorating the tree and dressing up nicely and meeting a load of relatives and playing with little cousins all night! (Regardless of being a "grown up" I enjoy sharing the kids' happiness and trying out the new toys the most. :) For the first time, my Boyfriend is celebrating Christmas with us, so I'm looking forward to it even more!

Enjoy your holidays! :)

(Dear Arnold Gross, please don't take it as an offence that I posted your pictures, I love them and would like to spread the word so more people will love them all around the world! :)

December 18, 2011

Green Birthday

I'm green, regardless of the years that pass me by. Oh well, that's what I'm like.


This past week I've survived the extraction of my last remaining wisdom tooth, so I can also add that instead of gaining wisdom over time, I rather lose it. :) 


Anyway, I'm so happy my face is almost back to its normal size after a short detour to looking like a chipmunk, and then the Godfather, that I'll show you what I'm wearing on my birthday! :)


So many lovely blog friends have their birthdays in December, happy birthday again to those who already celebrated them and to those who will, in advance!


Wearing: Leather skirt: Second hand, Blouse: Jeans Club, Boots: Doc Martens, 
Leather bag: Deichmann, Earrings: C&A, Scarf: My Mum's, random tights, 
Essence nail polish (this time only one glittery layer:).

I've seen this before...

I've worn the same thrifted leather skirt in May at the festival for "pálinka", the Hungarian fruit brandy. You can read more about it if you click through here!

December 11, 2011

Double Glitter and More Colour

Two things to lift your spirits when it's cold outside and you're ill and need some cheering up.

You might be surprised to find me painting my nails with glittery nail polish, as I'm really not the glitter type of girl. But when you're coughing your head off and missing the Christmas spirit, it works, believe me.


I used two layers of a bluish nail polish already loaded with glitter, plus another golden one, with bigger glitter bits added.

Sorry for the poor pictures, my camera cannot deal with the amount of shine my nails emit.
To tell you the truth, me neither, I keep staring at my nails and turning them in the light.


Taking pictures of my nails totally makes me feel like I'm 16, so just to be on the safe side, let me add a foolproof DIY as well that you can happily do even in bed, and to inject some colour into the winter gloom!

Take a simple black blazer (which you thrifted in the hope of maybe creating some outfits that are at least a bit grown-up and sleek). Choose some colourful buttons you have collected over the years (or bought a bottleful of them in Liberty when you were in London and felt a strong urge to get something that wasn't gonna hurt your budget but would still have Liberty patterns on).


Cut off the black buttons and sew on the colourful ones, preferably with colourful thread. I chose bright pink, of course. When in doubt, choose the harshest colour available!


I'm trying my best to cure myself and dare the cold to take some outfit pictures, preferably with my newly re-buttoned blazer, but till then, have a colourful and happy winter! :)

Stuff used: Essence Colour and Go nail polishes, Second hand blazer and Liberty buttons.

P.S.: I've created a Google+ profile, so if you're using Google+, look for Madeline Quaint!
I still haven't figured it all out. :)

December 6, 2011

The Sea, The Sea


So my dear friends, I've been away. Here...


I went to England to see my Boyfriend, who works there at the moment, and we spent most of the time just absorbing the presence of the sea. Looking through the pictures in wintry Budapest, I hardly believe I had been there...


This time I didn't dare getting into the ice cold sea, though my Boyfriend went in a good few times! That's him!


What amazes me is the scope of the Atlantic. How enormous things can be!


And when you look through the rock pools, how tiny...


That's the magic of the seaside.


Oh, and the sunsets...


It's almost impossible to believe that this beauty exists, and that I had the chance to experience it. How wonderful the Atlantic is in the winter!