April 25, 2011

Easter Fish

We had a great Easter meal in of the oldest and most prestigious restaurants in Budapest, the Gundel. Now let me tell you all, that I'm not very likely ever to post pictures of my food. I've never had an urge to photograph what I eat, so well, you have to guess - my necklace could be a hint. :)

This dress is perfect for meals out, as you can eat your stomach as round as you want, the dress doesn't let it show. The drapey top is the sister of the purple one I wore previously here.

Time for another serious confession.
The kid (in the corner of the picture below) is not my son.

 Dress: Promod, Top: Chinese shop, Cardigan: Promod, Tights: Calzedonia (actually borrowed from my Mum, thanks!), Shoes: Vagabond, Bag: Deichmann, Belt: Reserved, Necklace: handmade in the Czech Republic, Thread bracelet: made by my lovely little cousin for Easter, Bangle: my Sister's, and she doesn't know I took it... Thanks! :)

April 21, 2011

Bridesmaid Sandals

Wearing chunky green sandals, teal tights and a fringed bag. And a lace dress... Which, contrary to what it might seem on the pictures, is fully lined, girls! And boys! :)

As you can see, I love this bag. I have to admit though that my biggest love are the sandals.
They proved to be faithful friends through thick and thin - accompanying me to one of my best friends' wedding last May, for instance. I should thank her (Hi, Ildi!) for these lovelies, as she had the idea to dress her bridesmaids in green, and in the instant I heard this, I envisaged green shoes... And stalked them in Tamaris. Honestly, after seeing a picture of them on display, I kept pestering the shopkeepers about when they will arrive. I figured as I found a dress for the wedding for insanely cheap, I really deserved some nice shoes. :)

Dear Green Shoes, sorry for this picture, which really doesn't do you justice. I promise you will get your chance to shine another time!

Dress: Promod, Tights: Calzedonia, Sandals: Tamaris, 
Bag: Deichmann, Ring: Joid'art, Necklace: Debenhams, kids's section :)

The unintentional "I'm outta here" action shot. Bye, dear Blog Readers! :)

April 17, 2011

Love Story

I'm so sad here, guys, look:

It's all because this random guy on the street left me.

Oh, the drama!
But it didn't last long.

I'm quite aware this t-shirt reads PINK. I also think it's there for the benefit of the colour-blind and possibly has nothing to do with the pop-star under the same name. However, I like to believe it just reads INK, and if I turn slightly to the side, that's exactly what you see. As a lover of illustration and any sort of ink that I can doodle or print with, I think I deserve an INK t-shirt. Until it arrives I will always turn a little when I wear this top.

Another love-lorn look for good measure.

Top: Zara, Cardigan: Terranova (ancient), Skirt: thrifted, 
Shoes: Deichmann, Belt: H&M (yes, the same one again, I'm hooked, sorry...),
7 Roses: H&M, Necklace: Jojó Art Shop.

April 14, 2011

Hey, Purple Girl

This is what my boyfriend said when he came in through the door and saw me in these sunset-colours.

I love this purple top-something, it's a really comfortable t-shirt material, with no closure, that I got in a Chinese shop. I don't know if you have those in your countries, here, they're very basic clothes shops run by Chinese who live here and import clothing from China. I really couldn't be less interested in brand names, so I don't mind that my purple something doesn't even have a label sewn into it. It's comfortable, flattering and versatile - that's the main thing.

I fell for the vibrant colour of this tunic and although it's a few sizes big for me and probably wasn't intended as a dress, I couldn't leave it in the second hand shop. I wear a miniskirt underneath it, to avoid too much leg (or butt...) showing when I lift an arm or the wind is too harsh, like today.

I have to admit my favourite items to thrift are bags. Mainly because you don't have to try them on. :)

My necklace is a new aquisition, I fell in love with the tiny drawing of a city behind glass. The cuff was love at first sight as well - placing red right beside fuchsia? I had to have it! (Both handmade, from Jojó Art Shop.)

What do you enjoy shopping for the most? Are there any items or or shapes or colours that simply call your name and you can't leave without them? :)

April 12, 2011

Madeline by the Sea

The Franz Josef walkway connects the villages around Opatija, winding around the rocky coastline, right above the waves. A truly magical walk that makes you feel you are transported to another time.

Dress and belt H&M
This necklace is a piece of stone I picked up last year on Cres, an island near Opatija. It has a very convenient hole running through the middle of it, so it makes for a great pendant.

I had a great time shooting these pictures with the sea lapping behind me and only two old ladies as an audience. Uhm, one of them topless.
As you often find with old-fashioned resorts, they are often stuck in time, and usually some parts of them are stuck in a nostalgic haze of the 19th century, while another is stuck in the 1970s or something. Well, that's where topless old ladies spring forth from. :)

The sea is eternal though, it was there to enjoy for Franz Josef, the emperor of Austro-Hungary, and his wife, the legendary Sissy, it was there when the topless old lady was a topless young chick and sipped retro Yugoslav drinks beside it. I hope it will be there for a long time for all of us to enjoy. :)

April 11, 2011

Weekend Away

I took a weekend's leave from the Internet and disappeared to this beautiful place.

This is Opatija, a Croatian town on the Adriatic, on the Kvarner Riviera, to be precise. A town that used to be a resort more than a 100 years ago, in the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The architecture is stunning...

We didn't only step back in time, but had a glimpse of summer too, as the weather was gorgeous. This is what I wore while travelling - I have to say I look a bit exhausted, but after waking up at 4:30 and arriving more than 10 hours later I think it's just normal. :)

The necklace I wear is a traditional souvenir from Croatia - laquered gingerbread. We received a pair from an aquaintance in Zagreb, and I couldn't resist wearing one. However tacky it is. :)

I always travel in tights or leggings, depending on the weather. I feel much more comfortable spending hours on trains and buses more covered up. Arriving into the great weather of the Adriatic, these tights were a little warm, so the next day I switched to a much more summery attire, which I will post soon! :)

April 6, 2011

Handmade... Books

I've been looking forward to trying my hand at making books for a long time, and finally I did, attending a workshop for 9 hours - these two lovelies are the result.


Well, if someone ever gives you a handmade blank book as a present, revere it (and them), as a lot of time and effort goes into making these. But they're absolutely worth it. :)

My models wear scrapbooking paper, H&M and Jojó Art Shop roses
and lounge around on my clothes. :)

On a different note, this is what I wore today. I'm so inspired by Art Nouveau patterns at the moment (as you can see above). I'm aware of this wrap dress not being truly Art Nouveau, but it reminds me of it - and that's more than enough for something thrifted for ridiculously cheap!

Thrifted dress, Chinese leggings, Joid'art necklace and the same pink Humanic shoes hiding in the grass.

 These are my first attempts at taking my own pictures - thus the uncomfortable look. :)

Oh, and look, now you can:
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April 2, 2011

Power Cut

Tonight I came home to a power cut in both the avenue we live on, and the one right beside it. Pitch dark in the middle of the capital, even the streetlights were gone! After clambering up four stories without being able to see further than my nose, and successfully getting into the flat and finding a candle and matches, I had to realize I can't come up with anything to do without electricity. I couldn't read for fear of setting my book on fire...

Felt so hapless, the urban girl just staring out of the window and waiting for the Internet to save her evening. :)

Well, as you can see, it's back!

Coat - Promod, but dyed by my sister, Doc Martens, scarf - H&M, umbrella - street vendor

These wonderful photos were taken by Zsófi Raffay, a lovely girl and a very talented and ingenious photographer. Her portraits are superb, as well as her urban photography. 
(Perfect for me, the classic urban girl. With her beloved Internet connection.) 
Take a look at her pictures here!

These pics were taken a while back, actually, it's much sunnier now! 
And there's light in the flat. 
OK, OK, I'm stopping it right here.