April 30, 2012

Dream Wardrobe Guest Post - Marisa Violeta


Hello dear Madeline’s followers! This is Marisa from Green Grass Black Clouds and I’m here to tell you a little bit of what my dream wardrobe would be like!


When Madeline asked me this, both of us thought immediately the same thing: peter pan
collars! Yes, I have a little (maybe big) obsession with shirts, blouses and dresses that are adorned with those pretty collars. In fact, 95% of my clothes have collars and you know what? I think I don’t want to stop! I love the feminine feeling about that! This shirt I’m wearing I bought for less than 1€ at a thrift store and it has a darling collar with some sweet flowers on it. I just couldn’t say no to that beauty!


Another thing that I’m obsessed with is the color mint! I’m not a trend follower but I need to admit that I really like this one. It’s perfect for spring and it’s also very delicate and almost ethereal. I bought this skirt about two weeks ago and I already used it a thousand times. Right now I would love to see my wardrobe full of clothes with the color mint, it’s too flawless!


I just like everything that is feminine and a bit preppy inspired. My dream wardrobe would be something worthy of a 60s french movie with a lot of dresses, lovely flats and a few berets!


Thank you once again for this lovely opportunity Madeline!

Marisa Violeta

April 26, 2012

Dream Wardrobe Guest Post - Carina

Hello dear Madline Quaint followers!

I'm Carina of Bad Taste Toast and today I'm helping out with a guest post while Madline is (hopefully) enjoying herself on her little holiday.

So, following her last post, Madline asked me what my dream outfit or wardrobe would look like. Tough question, overkill of ideas in my head... I would love to have a huge walk-in closet full of florals, plaid, polkadots... full of colours and cute prints! But I didn't have any idea of how to put all this into one post.
So I remembered a set of outfit wishlists I created some time ago, picked one of them and tried to restyle it with the pieces I own.

This is the outfit (the mentioned wishlist post can be found here):

// 1. H&M blazer // 2. cuteMonstR t-shirt // 3.Casio watch // 4. Pimkie skirt // 5. Accessorize tights // 6. Rut M. FL. scarf // 7. Eden shoes // 8. Modcloth bag //

This is one of the many many outfits I dream of (and although it says "fabulous fall" it also worked in spring). Now about the restyled look:
key piece is the cute skirt that I was able to snatch in the last Pimkie sale. It is the only item of the wishlist I actually bought, so for all the other puzzle pieces I needed replacements. Neither do I own a red blazer, nor do I have a black and white shirt with a slogan on it, so I had to go for a simple striped shirt and the red cardigan. I admit the cardi is not as chic as the blazer, but for the recent crisp spring days it's better because it's a bit warmer.
Next step: golden Casio watch - check. I don't have exactly the same, but a similar one. Next: patterned tights - I replaced the leopard with floral ornaments, and a black scarf - check, got one.
Last but not least the shoes and bag: I have a plain black vintage satchel instead of the b/w Modcloth version, and concerning the shoes I used my deep red wedges as a replacement for the black ones from the wishlist.
Et voilà: a slightly different version of the outfit I wished for had already been in my closet for months, just waiting to be discovered.

// cardigan: H&M // shirt: H&M // skirt: Pimkie // scarf: Gina Tricot // necklace: Accessorize // watch: Casio // bag: Vintage via Ebay // tights: Primark // shoes: no name via Ebay // ring: six //

All photos were taken by my lovely boyfriend Patrick during a walk through the little forest nearby where we live. It was sunny but cold spring weather and the wind was blowing through the trees and over the water surface - ah, nice weather to take a walk.
To be honest I felt a little overdressed for the forest in the wedges, but at the same time I felt great in this whole outfit, so I secretly smiled over the stares I got from joggers and promenaders haha. I also have to admit I carried around a warmer jacket in case I would feel cold or uncomfortable - but I did not. ;)

One of my dream outfits on a dream afternoon with the boyfriend, ha could there be anything better?
How do you like the restyled look?

Wishing you a fantastic day everyone!
And thanks again to Madeline for having me as a guest blogger! :)


April 23, 2012

Dream Wardrobe Guest Post - Nikki

Hi everyone! My name is Nikki, I'm the hostess of The Ginger Diaries and I'm filling in for Madeline today! When Madeline asked me to write about my dream clothes I immediately knew I wanted to write about this dress. I got it a couple of years ago at Zara and it's been a favorite ever since. It's white, non-see through, has lace detailing around the neckline and has the perfect length. A great number in my book! But how was I going to style it? Normally, I only wear it on warmer days and with a thin belt to create a nice waist. On this day however, it was cool and windy. So I hit the internet for some fresh inspiration and stumbled across this pin:

I knew I had all the ingredients to make this look work: A turqoise gemstone necklace, a feather scarf, blush pink cardy and the perfect white dress. In the end I opted for my long, black cardigan instead because it's a little warmer to wear. I am so happy with the result that I'll be repeating this outfit all summer long!

Zara dress & cardigan, H&M flats, SIX necklace, drugstore scarf
Thank you so much for having me Madeline!
Hope you are having a wonderful vacation! 

April 19, 2012

A Dream Wardrobe


 I don't always thrift dresses that fit me perfectly, but when I do, they're black and white gingham. I actually thrifted this dress in the same second hand shop that I'd found the other one... I wonder if they have a secret source of black and white gingham dresses. :)


Anyway, I was overjoyed to spot it as it's full skirted and not so short... The cleavage is lovely too, but it's too cold at the moment to wear it with bare arms. No worries, I'm sure I'll remix it so many times, probably you'll even get bored with it. :)


This lucky find made me daydream about a wardrobe that would consist of patterned, full skirted dresses that hit just below the knee, with tiny cardigans in saturated colours and pairs of platform shoes in every colour of the rainbow and more. That would be the core of my ideal wardrobe really, if I could afford to buy whatever I fell for! 


I was wondering what my Blog Friends would say if I asked them about their dream wardrobe, and as I'm off on a little holiday, you will see some great guestposts from some lovely blog friends who kindly agreed to prepare posts that are centered around the topic of a dream wardrobe or a dream dress. Let me tell you, there are some real treats in store, so be sure to check back while I'm away!

Oh, and in the meantime feel free to share in the comments what your dream wardrobe would consist of! :)


Wearing: thrifted dress, Terranova cardigan from ages ago, Calzedonia tights, 
Vagabond shoes, H&M scarf and flowers.

April 15, 2012

Time Travel - 100 Years Old Open Houses


Today was another great one for time travel. Apart from the 100 year old anniversary of the tragic loss of the Titanic, which I've learnt so much about this past week, this weekend another - not tragic at all - centenary event took place. We have a great programme initiative here in Budapest where every year for one weekend those houses that are a 100 years old that year, open their doors and host different events run by volunteers for anyone interested.


Year after year I promise myself I'll immerse myself in the programmes, but always end up working at the weekend. This year however my friend Sophie hosted one of the programmes in a 100 year old house, so I really couldn't miss visiting at least her event!


I really enjoyed walking around the house without any neighbours bothering me, and clicked away... Unfortunately my camera cannot deal very well with bad light conditions, but I like these little bit grainy pictures too. :)




Sophie prepared a language quiz targeted on how different our language was a 100 years ago. It was fun to watch how much people enjoyed the questions and how interested they were in the right answers! Great job! :)

PICT0068cas PICT0004cas

The best thing about this huge architectural birthday celebration is that next year another lot of beautiful houses will celebrate their 100th, so we have the chance to see more and more of them, year after year!


Finally, this is what this house looks like from the outside:


And this is what I look like taking grainy pictures of myself in the mirror on the corridor: 


Wearing: Promod trench and cardigan, thrifted bag, M&S jeans, 
scarf from an underpass, trusty old Docs for strolling around 
and walking through Elizabeth bridge afterwards!

April 11, 2012

An Addams Cousin, a Bird and a Poem


If you think this dress is weird, I don't blame you. What's more, I agree.


But when I saw it, it reminded me of the Addams Family and how I used to love those films, and suddenly saw myself in the disguise of a long lost Addams cousin... Well, you get it! After a very very tireing week full of overtime work, it seemed like a good thing to wear, intriguing and menacing at the same time, as well as playful and girly.


I put on owl earrings and a fascinator to match the rather interesting decoration of the dress, which looks like there's a dead bird stapled onto my chest.


Wearing: dress from a Chinese shop, Promod boots, Calzedonia tights, H&M fascinator, 
Jojó Art Shop leather cuff, and I forgot where the clip-on earrings are from.


It's the Day of Poetry today in Hungary, celebrating my favourite Hungarian poet's birthday. Whenever I start reading his poems, emotions well up within me with such force, they always blow me away. Attila József, I hope you're happy, wherever you are.


Attila József: The Audit is Done

I've trusted always in myself, alone.
This hasn't cost me dear, for what I own
is absolutely nothing. Or at least
not more than it would cost a slaughtered beast.
I held my own in spite of fear and doubt -
I lived, I blended in, and I stood out.
I gave as good as they were giving me,
I paid with love when someone gave me free
and when a woman led me on and teased
I trusted her, why not? Let her be pleased!
I scrubbed the deck, I heaved the bucket rope,
to clever gents I played the stupid dope.
I paddled whirligigs, bread, paperbacks,
whatever sold, poems and almanacs.
To die in bed one day, that's what I hope,
not in a battle and not on a rope.
The audit's done. The facts are simply these:
I've lived - and people die of this disease.


(Translated from the Hungarian by Peter Zollman,
in: 43 Poems by Attila József, Maecenas, Budapest, 2005.)

April 6, 2012

Instant Pattern Mixing


Happy Easter weekend everyone! I hope the sun shines wherever you are!


I've been trying to incorporate more pattern mixing into my outfits, here's another mild try. I've had these tights for ages and this thrifted top seemed to be made for them!


In other news, please check out Carina's blogpost about our Budapest meeting! She edited our pictures much more professionally and wrote up her side of the story so sweetly! :)


Back to the clothes: undoubtedly the star of this outfit is this bracelet my Mum got me as a present for Christmas (and it gets to Easter until I show it off on the blog... :). It's from a design market, and the genious of  it is that you can exchange the buttons, which are patented on the surface.

What a great idea! It gave me a chance to mix pinkinsh and bluish hues and stripes and dots... Voilá, instant pattern mixing!


Wearing: gifted bracelet from a design market, leather bracelet from Jojó Art Shop, 
thrifted top, miniskirt from a random boutique, H&M belt and ring and tights, 
Zara bag, Deichmann shoes, handmade earrings DIY-ed into clip-ons by me.

April 1, 2012

A Sort of Pastel


Oh hey squinty! It's so sunny I can't keep my eyes open. :)


I've been wondering if I can reproduce any of the spring trends by just shopping my own closet, and came up with this pastely outfit. And there I was thinking I don't own anything pastel!


My Boyfriend brought this tote back from a conference and I immediately grabbed it. The little car is so cute and I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment...


This is one of many reasons I like blogging so much, it's a continual learning environment in so many fields! Well, when it comes to posing there's definitely still a lot left to learn... Below is me trying my natural best, khm. "Oh wow, look how interesting the corner of the wall is." :)


Wearing: Zara jacket, Takko jeans, thrifted silk top, Brigitte Bijou scarf, 
H&M flower, Converses, tote from a teachers' conference.