May 29, 2012

Yellow and Brown Set


Another rainy day... In between two rainshowers the best thing you can do is to wear yellow!


Thank you so much for your kind words and overall lovely positive feedback on my jewellery! Honestly, it means so much that you girls like them!

Here's another set I've made last week, in brownish-yellowish colours. I decided to wear them with something relatively simple, as I guess the two pieces together are a statement enough! Of course I couldn't resist throwing in a pair of coloured tights...


Isn't this thrifted bag cute? My Mum found it at our favourite second hand store - proof that all the inconveniences of thrifting that I wrote about are worth it after all!


For some reason I lift my hand to my neck on almost all the pictures, and I have no idea why. The necklace holds up fine, one doesn't need to hold it in place! :)



I'm definitely selling this set along with many others once the project I'm working on is finished, and I'll have time to set up the Etsy shop of my dreams! Next week! Exciting!


Wearing: necklace and headband made by me, H&M dress and vest, thrifted bag, 
random shoes, Calzedonia tights.
Pictures taken by my Mum, edited by me.

May 24, 2012

Necklaces in Magenta


As I promised, here's a sneek peek into what I've been up to on the jewellery front!
It's been a week full of creating, which is the best kind of week, really!


I've been on the lookout for statement necklaces for a long while, but never seemed to find a perfect one. Bulky necklaces usually weigh a ton, which makes them difficult to wear throughout the day. So I thought and thought and came up with a really light but very eye-catching idea...


I made the flowers first, then played around with colourful buttons and felt to match, then sew on a chain and fastened the back piece. Using a chain is great, as it makes it easy to adjust the lenght of the necklaces, so they can be worn with different necklines.

A good statement piece for me would work with a simple t-shirt and jeans, as well as a little black dress, or an outfit that's thought up around it.

I couldn't stop at one, so since I made the first piece, I've been making them non-stop, in different colours, using different materials...


Here's another prototype, with a cat cut out from an old bicycle tire, and the usual colourful buttons. It makes me insanely happy to use recycled and upcycled stuff! This necklace already found a new home with Sophie, who came up with the idea of a rubber cat in the first place, and cut some out for me.


I've always loved buttons, vintage or new. What's more, I actually won my first online auction for more buttons, so that I can create on! I'm planning on assembling a starting set and work out a cool way of packaging, then find some little shops in Budapest that would store them... And of course I'm planning to open an Etsy shop too, so that my necklaces could travel the world!

I do hope you like them! :)


Wearing: necklaces made by me, handbag from Joj√≥ Art Shop, thrifted skirt and top, 
Tamaris sandals and Calzedonia tights.

Pictures taken right after a huge rainstorm! Just in case you're interested. :)

May 21, 2012

20 Thrifting Disasters

After years of thrifting and some more of reading about the basics of thrifting, then some more admiring others’ amazing thrifted finds, I felt there’s a sore lack of a defining description of all that’s possible to go amiss when it comes to second hand shopping… Here’s a try at collecting some thrifting disasters!


1. When you set out with hours to kill to hunt the best finds, the second hand shops seem to be half empty of merchandise and you never find anything worthwhile.

2. However, if you just pop in with 10 minutes to kill before your train leaves, suddenly there are about 20 different items you don’t have time to try on.

3. And they change the full stock the day after, so you’ll never see them again.

4. Similarly, if you take a friend with you who always comments on what great stuff you find in thrift stores, when the two of you go together there are only lame denim skirts with pink trim and burgundy polyester blazers from the 90s.

5. Whatever amazing displays they put in the shop window are never for sale or have already been sold.

6. For some mysterious reason, this out-of-bounds window display always includes a clothing item you have been hunting for for months, like the perfect pencil skirt or a mint coloured blazer, or the cutest dress with a Peter Pan collar.

7. Anyway, you go in and hunt around. However, you always have to realise that when the size and the cut is perfect, the material or the colour are bound to be hideous.

8. Similarly, when the material and the colour are perfect, the size and the cut are hideous.

9. When something is a gorgeous, saturated hue, the colour is bound to be bleeding. You may convince yourself in the shop that the original owner must have lost weight, that’s why they donated the item, but deep down you know you will have to handwash that damn gorgeous blouse from now on until you donate it yourself.

10. “That lovely blouse is torn by the seam? I’ll sew it up in no time! Let’s get it.” (This happened 2 years ago and you still haven’t sewn it up.)

11. “That gorgeous skirt? It’s a bit too long but oh, I will alter it, no big deal!” (It’s been 3 years and now you actually use it as a shoe rag.)

12. “That huge shirt? The material is so pretty, I’ll totally make cushions-dolls-bookbinds-whatever from it.” (You have a whole drawer full of these and you don’t even own a sewing machine.)

13. If you spot a great colour and promising texture from afar, by the time you get there, another thrifter has it in her grubby hands and it’s an original Chanel blazer. 

14. In your size.

15. If you spot a well-known label and get there first, it surely has greasy stains, or moth-holes, or comes in such a small/huge size it’s impossible to alter.

16. There are plenty of beautiful purses to be found in second hand shops, but the most beautiful ones have an indelible smell hanging around them that you cannot get rid of, however hard you try. One option left – carry the purse around but never open it. Which is sort of like carrying a cushion around the city. Pretty, but pretty useless.

17. When you find something that’s missing a button, it’s bound to be a coat with buttons coated in the material of the original item. So it’s impossible to find a matching one and you have to change all of the buttons.

18. Your coat is of course double breasted and has 20 buttons on front and an extra 10 on the cuffs.

19. Finally you have chosen some pretty amazing stuff that seem to be fitting you well. You go up to pay when you realize that you don’t have enough cash, they don’t accept credit cards and the next ATM is a 10 minute walk away. The shop closes in 5 minutes.

20. Of course this shop has a policy never to set aside items for anyone. The perfect garment you had to leave there will haunt your dreams for years to come.

Now is the time to admit it, you’ve experienced at least one of the above!
Do you have any more to add to the list? I’m keen to hear about your thrifting disaters. :)

(Clip art used above by Amy Morby)

May 18, 2012

Blushing Turquoise


Do you ever feel like you cannot posibly spend more than the absolute necessary time staring at your computer screen? I'm currently in this very sad state (sad from the point of view of blogging that is).


Browsing and clicking and editing, processing lots of visual information that lies flat before my eyes seems like a huge task at the moment!


Instead I spend my freetime creating jewellery which I can't wait to share more about! Soon I will have some specimens to photograph! I'm rather excited about how they look, I'll definitely ask your opinion on them!


Till then, here's an outift with some of my favourite colours... I grew to like pink after years and years of scorn. It's so liberating when you can let go of your associations ("only Barbie and whiney girls wear pink") and enjoy something for what it is! (Pink is the colour of flowers, stones and  blushing skin...)


Wearing: Promod dress, a scarf from H&M and another is my Sister's, Humanic shoes, 
New Yorker sunnies and a Raku ceramics ring my Mum made.

May 12, 2012

Trieste, My Love


Two more travel tips from the seaside: When you travel in the spring or autumn, take clothes that can be worn in changeable weather. For instance skirts that can be worn with and without tights or leggins, shoes that can be worn barefoot and with tights, tops that can be freely layered.


And the jolly joker of travelling: scarves! They warm your neck or head if it's cold, or shade your shoulders when the sun is beating down. They also add colour and interest to a practical travelling outfit.


Here's the logical reasoning behind the above pictures - and for photographing the same skirt again. It's proof for a working travelling wardrobe. :)


Back to the travel diary! We made a detour to Trieste, one of our favourite cities, where we return year after year to enjoy a city that's open to the sea, has a rich multicultural background and amazing people.


This is the Molo Audace, where the good inhabitants of Trieste take a stroll on balmy evenings, to chat, to meet up, to have an ice cream, to see and be seen!


I've been to Trieste about 6 times before, but never visited the Lanterna baths - this time I had to have a look! What's special about it is that the beaches for men and women are separated. I took a quick picture from the entrance to the male section - ooh, daring! :)


 The women's section is always full, but there only seem to be a few men milling around on the other side. Maybe they don't feel the need to suntan so much! :)


Trieste is one of the cities I'd love to move to one day, so I could go on and on about its amazing and interesting sights and great places, but I'll leave that for another time! I'll need to revisit anyway...

But back to the usual blogging schedule from now on! Thank you for following my travel diary! :)


Wearing: that Promod skirt again with those Vagabond shoes, Zara top, H&M scarf 
and second hand 70s sunnies from an antiques market.

May 10, 2012

Sun in Medveja


Sometimes the sun came out and it was perfect! I even swam, about 5 minutes at a time though, as seawater 15 degrees Celsius is a bit difficult to get used to! :)


Here's one tip for travelling: always take jewellery with you! For me the feeling of being able to pick and choose from a few necklaces in the morning makes all the difference - especially as I never take many clothes. I'm all for a light suitcase, as I don't drive, so being able to lift my luggage on and off trains and buses is quite important. :)


By the way, I affectionately call this above piece the oxymoron necklace, as the bow should be textile and it's metal, and the chain should be metal and instead it's textile. So yeah, it's a solid bow with a soft chain, behold the oxymora!


This gorgeous bay is Medveja, a few kilometres from Opatija. walking there among the pines heavy with the scent of summer and fig trees growing tiny little fruit was such a joy. A perfect day.




Wearing: Promod dress, Chinese shrug and leggings, Vagabond shoes, 
C&A necklace, clip-ons... can't remember.

May 8, 2012

A Stroll in the Angiolina Park


Most of the days I had the luck to spend by the Adriatic I just watched the sea, sitting on the rocky shore or wrapped up in blankets from the balcony... And went for long walks of course, on the Lungomare, a path that runs right by the sea.


One of the things I fell for in the Opatija area is that it's seeped in history. It used to be the riviera of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, so there are plenty of gorgeous old buildings and signs of a multicultural history.


I have to admit two of my favourite things to take pictures of are decay and cats.
Now, the Opatija Riviera has both, and in plenty!




There's also a gorgeous park, the Angiolina, which is actually an arboretum with interesting plants from all over the globe. This is where I walked to on one of my days away in my beloved chequered dress, which you can't see I bundled up so much.:)


(I love how my camera decided to focus on the stones in the foreground.)



This statue is one of my favourites ever. It's of Isadora Duncan, the celebrated dancer, who wrote in her diary that the Opatija palm trees influenced her fluid dance moves...


Oh, James Joyce was here too of course, maybe visiting when he lived in Pula or Trieste, or both... Any Joyceans out there? :)


Here's a link to Opatija's website where you can read more about the history and places in rather amusing English, if you're interested!

Outfit 1 - 
Promod skirt, H&M  top, C&A clip on earrings, Calzedonia tights, Vagabond shoes.
Outfit 2 - 
thrifted dress and jacket, Calzedonia tights, scarf bought in an underpass, Doc Martens.

May 6, 2012

Opatija and a Seagull with Attitude


Hello again! Or indeed, ahoy!


I'm back from the shores of the Adriatic Sea! Sorry for the delay, but it's always so difficult to get back into the swing of things after prolonged exposure to sea air.


I accompanied my Boyfriend to Opatija, Croatia where we enjoyed turn of the century charm and gorgeous blue sea, and while he conferenced, I strolled with my camera at hand at all times... We had some unpredictable weather, but who cares about rain and clouds at such a wonderfully atmospheric location?


The villages around Opatija are connected with the Franz Joseph walkway which winds its way around the edge of the sea for long kilometres, and I just can't tire of it... No matter how many times I return to the area, this walkway will never bore me.


I hope you enjoyed the great posts from my lovely Guest Bloggers! Thank you so much again, Nikki, Carina and Marisa! I loved reading about your dream wardrobes... And let me tell you, if you've never had guest bloggers, you must give it a go. Pasting the html codes I was sent by them into Blogger, then hitting the Preview button - it's like a birthday present, first seeing their posts materialise on my blog! I'm prepared to travel more just to have more of these great blog surprises!


"What did you just say? Huh?" - says the Seagull with Attitude.
OK, I'll stay for a while. Just because the Seagull asked me.
But next year I will surely return to Opatija, and till then, a few more posts about my time away to follow!