May 10, 2012

Sun in Medveja


Sometimes the sun came out and it was perfect! I even swam, about 5 minutes at a time though, as seawater 15 degrees Celsius is a bit difficult to get used to! :)


Here's one tip for travelling: always take jewellery with you! For me the feeling of being able to pick and choose from a few necklaces in the morning makes all the difference - especially as I never take many clothes. I'm all for a light suitcase, as I don't drive, so being able to lift my luggage on and off trains and buses is quite important. :)


By the way, I affectionately call this above piece the oxymoron necklace, as the bow should be textile and it's metal, and the chain should be metal and instead it's textile. So yeah, it's a solid bow with a soft chain, behold the oxymora!


This gorgeous bay is Medveja, a few kilometres from Opatija. walking there among the pines heavy with the scent of summer and fig trees growing tiny little fruit was such a joy. A perfect day.




Wearing: Promod dress, Chinese shrug and leggings, Vagabond shoes, 
C&A necklace, clip-ons... can't remember.


Kira said...

Your oxymoron necklace is very cute :)

Jamillah said...

OMG, this place is gorgeous. Love the oxymoron necklace, I also bring lots of jewelry and I hand carry it if I'm getting on a plane. So much of my jewelry is sentimental so I would be heart broken if I lost it.

BoulevarddelaMadeleine said...

Gorgeous! I giggled when I read what you called your bow AKA oxymoron necklace. I bet there are lots of jewelry out there just like that. Would never think to put two and two together :)