Hi, I'm Madeline from Budapest, Hungary, welcome!
I style and I illustrate, myself and others. I'm also very happy to announce that I'm expecting my first child, Bobek! :)

My blog is a style and an art blog, where pictures are often hijacked by doodles, and where you can also read about books and places, with some sprinklings of Hungarian culture thrown in.

Infrequently Asked Questions:

Do you draw all the doodles yourself? How do you do it? Yes, I draw everything and I use an ancient version of Photoshop and a graphics tablet.

Who takes your pictures? I take most of my pictures with the help of a tripod and my trusted old bridge camera. I still find it rather embarrassing when passers-by stare at me, so I'm trying to find less frequented places which would still make nice backgrounds.

Do you really wear these clothes? Yep, I do! Not necessarily on the day I actually post them, of course.

If you're from Hungary, why don't you write in Hungarian? As much as I love my mothertongue, it's not understood by most of the people on the planet. If I write in English, more people understand me and can follow what's going on on the blog! Besides, I really enjoy the English language. :)