February 11, 2013

Style Imitating Art: Poppies and Birds


Hello again, blurred self-shots by the window! :) Well, spring is near and then picture-taking moves outside again, but till then... Let the birds chirp on our fingers!


And let the flowers bloom! This week's Style Imitating Art's inspiration picture is this watercolour of a poppy, “Prinzessin Victoria Louise Poppy - Papaver orientalis“ by Colleen Parker.

It would have matched nicely with my previous post, but never mind, nothing is lost while one has enough pink flowers in their wardrobe!
A wise rule to live by.
I guess. :)


Check out the other entries for SIA at Salazar's blog or at Animated Cardigan, and do join as well!


Wearing: Invázió dress and Chinese boots, H&M Mama trousers, H&M headband, 
handmade ring from a market and I don't remember where the cropped knit is from.


Kittenish Behaviour said...

I adore that ring! You look fab :) xx

Carrie said...

Beautiful interpretation of the inspiration art! Sounds like a really fun challenge - I'd like to try it sometime. :)

Kira said...

Cute dress! How far along are you now?

Nikki said...

Haha, that bird ring is so precious :) I love these posts where you translate art into fashion. I've been thinking about trying it out once! But I just don't know what painting I could be! x

Feathers & Freckles said...

That watercolour is so pretty! And I love your cute bird ring :) 

BadTasteToast said...

Cute cute cute, I love the dress and this adorable ring! You are a floral girl for sure :)

Thank you so much for the nice comment dear :) The funny thing is that shortly before you posted this comment about the weight loss I had already prepared a post about it. It will be on my blog soon ;)

Lora Conrad said...

Madeline, you're just the prettiest! I love your little bird ring and all the winter florals you've been wearing. 



Ladyofashion said...

You look adorable. I love the bird, blends beautifully with the colours in your printed dress. Enjoy your week dear. Hope your Valentine's was great as well. xx Madison

Alina said...

lovely photos! xx

The Provocative Couture

wardrobe experience said...

the little bird is too cute!
... today i found another blogerette of my favs  pregnant. wow, this is so exciting to see how this 'getting a mum'- and 'being a mum'-thing changes the people. can't wait to make this experience myself one day. :)

Sunjo said...

Oh my gosh, I've been MIA in the blog world for a while since I started grad school. I just click on your blog and I see, congrats are in order!! :)