May 12, 2012

Trieste, My Love


Two more travel tips from the seaside: When you travel in the spring or autumn, take clothes that can be worn in changeable weather. For instance skirts that can be worn with and without tights or leggins, shoes that can be worn barefoot and with tights, tops that can be freely layered.


And the jolly joker of travelling: scarves! They warm your neck or head if it's cold, or shade your shoulders when the sun is beating down. They also add colour and interest to a practical travelling outfit.


Here's the logical reasoning behind the above pictures - and for photographing the same skirt again. It's proof for a working travelling wardrobe. :)


Back to the travel diary! We made a detour to Trieste, one of our favourite cities, where we return year after year to enjoy a city that's open to the sea, has a rich multicultural background and amazing people.


This is the Molo Audace, where the good inhabitants of Trieste take a stroll on balmy evenings, to chat, to meet up, to have an ice cream, to see and be seen!


I've been to Trieste about 6 times before, but never visited the Lanterna baths - this time I had to have a look! What's special about it is that the beaches for men and women are separated. I took a quick picture from the entrance to the male section - ooh, daring! :)


 The women's section is always full, but there only seem to be a few men milling around on the other side. Maybe they don't feel the need to suntan so much! :)


Trieste is one of the cities I'd love to move to one day, so I could go on and on about its amazing and interesting sights and great places, but I'll leave that for another time! I'll need to revisit anyway...

But back to the usual blogging schedule from now on! Thank you for following my travel diary! :)


Wearing: that Promod skirt again with those Vagabond shoes, Zara top, H&M scarf 
and second hand 70s sunnies from an antiques market.


Nikki || The Ginger Diaries said...

I didn't know trieste! I am defo going to check into it and see if it tickles my traveling fantasies too, haha. x

Jessica said...

scarves are definitely a necessity when traveling! love the pictures of the sparkling blue waters!


Annie said...

Love your gorgeous skirt - and these photos are beautiful!

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