June 24, 2012

When It's Sunny, it's Divine


Ah, in the sun, Devon is at its best!


What could be better than a cool day by the sea, with some cake and long walks, sometimes barefoot in the juicy-fresh grass?


Nothing really!


Also, some cool rock-climbers told me my outfit was "wicked", and the lady selling strawberries said "I love your colours, my dear!". Clearly I had to force Marco to take some pictures of me after such success! :D


I could hug Devon...


Pics of me by Marco
Wearing: F&F skirt, thrifted tunic as top, Zara jacket, H&M scarf, 
Jack Purcell by Converse shoes, Primark belt, necklace and earrings made by me.


Nikki @ the ginger diaries said...

It's sooooooo beautiful up there! I love england for its country- and seaside :) Pretty pretty! I love your combo of pink and green a lot as well! x

foodfashionandflow said...

These pictures are fantastic!

Carina Rossmeier said...

I adore the photos, the landscape is so beautiful! Also the strawberry lady was right: I love your colours too! Such a lovely fresh combo with the green and pink! <3

Jamillah said...

Omg your last pic is so Julie Andrews in Sound of Music!!!! Looks like a beautiful day.

Helen said...

Ohh lovely outfit, you look great here!

Now following you! :)

Please check out my blog if you can, thank you :)


Sarah With A Bow said...

So much lovely, sunny and colorful goodness. (:

Madeline Quaint said...

Haha, you're right! The hiiiills are aliiiiive! :D

Ladyofashion said...

A day by the sea is a beautiful choice. The last photo is fantastic ... would make a lovely postcard! :) Hope you are well.

India Harlow said...

the last photo is very sound of music :) great photos