November 3, 2012



We don't celebrate Halloween in Hungary at all - instead we have the Day of the Dead, but that is a very solemn affair, and definitely doesn't include dressing up. People visit the cemeteries, tidy the graves, light candles for everyone they lost... It's a sad but beautiful ocassion.


These pictures were taken near to where I grew up, and that strange ball thing is supposed to a fountain that I never saw working, not even when I was five and climbing up to the top of it was the achievement of the day. :)

Although I didn't have the ocassion to dress up, my sister Anna, while taking the pictures pointed out I look like I'm cosplaying something - must be because of this overdress. Not what I intended, but you can't really escape looking a bit theathral in it! (If that's a word.)

In other news I'm growing my hair again, as my Boyfriend keeps hinting at how nice long hair is, (oh well, at least I gave short hair a try!) so be prepared for some weird transitional hairstyles in the coming months! :)


Wearing: Promod dress and boots, handmade overdress from a folk market, 
Calzedonia tights, Zara bag, Primark headband.
Photos by my sister, Anna, editing by me.


JohnnyFall said...

I hate that almost all guys don't appreciate short hair.  It really suits you, and I guess I'm a bit biased because I find it's always at least a little more unique that way.  Never saw a reason women should hide their faces behind all that length.  Anyway, I'm definitely not telling you what to do.  Just expressing my very rare view.

JohnnyFall said...

Oh, and I had no idea Hungary had a holiday like that.  Interesting that the holiday you DO have has the same name as Mexico's rough equivalent!