March 20, 2011

Falling into Grunge

So on these pictures you can witness me falling.
Into heaps of clutter currently found in the flat. :)

For this early spring grunge look I wore a flowery Orsay dress with a H&M belt and a Jojó leather cuff, to toughen it up a little. And as the weather decided to revert back to winter again, so here I am back to my trusty Doc Martens'. Just to do them some justice and so that they get some sunshine too, below is a truly dramatic picture of them.

Really, not enough people realise how great these shoes are. Here in Budapest I only ever see the tough versions on punks. It took me a whole year to meet someone with the exact same blue pair. Absolutely versatile and the most comfortable shoes I've ever had... OK, this turned out to be a love letter to my Docs, but hey, they deserve it! :)


Vicki said...

love the boots and your hair colour is so pretty :) x

Kirstin@CrimsonRosella said...

I love Docs! They come in so many awesome colours and patterns. I love nineties grunge, so effortlessly cool.

Madeline Quaint said...

Thanks Vicki, why, we're almost hair-sisters! :)

Kirstin, hi! :) Yes, grunge is something that totally passed me by when it was big as I was too small. :) Anyway, nothing is completely lost in the world of style!

Sasha said...

Love your outfit! And those boots are awesome :)

Madeline Quaint said...

Thank you for your nice comment, Sasha! :)

Titine and totoche said...

Hello!!! This is the first time I visit your blog, and when I read you're passionate about cats I had to comment hahaha, I also loove cats, actually we just adopted a little kitty.

New follower! You can visit us, if you'd like :)

Saludos all the way from Venezuela!!

Titine & Totoche

Madeline Quaint said...

Hi Titine and Totoche, thank you for your nice comment, I just wrote a comment to your blog! :) Cat lovers unite! :D

Vicki said...

love the boots and your hair colour is so pretty :) x