January 27, 2013

The Footwear Conondrum


I have to admit I'd love to have worn my tall boots with this outfit.
But something got in the way. :)


It's never ever crossed my mind before it happened to me, but when you're pregnant, it's really difficult to bend down, basically only possible when your hip is in a certain angle and your legs are spreadeagle. Me and everyone who witnesses me putting socks and footwear on finds this extremely hilarious. :D Please don't ask me for photos though! :)


So when it came to pulling my tall boots on, I realised it's proving to be a feat on a par with Houdini escaping from a closed tank of water, and taking them off would be verging on the impossible. So here I am, wearing my trusty Docs again... And shhh, I actually also bought a pair of very simple and wide boots that don't even have laces or zips. :)

Wearing: all pre-pregnancy clothes: Thrifted dress, Invázió leggings, Promod cardigan, 
and the aforementioned heroes: Docs.

1 comment:

Nikki said...

ahahahaha, oh, it's funny is some way and it's a bit sad in another. I'd hate not being able to wear my tall boots since I wear them everyday. On the other hand, the reason why you can't is so beautiful! Hope you're enjoying your pregnancy so far :) I love this outfit! The jewel tones are super pretty with your hair :) xo Nikki