August 15, 2011

50th Post - Let's Celebrate!

Hello to everyone reading my 50th post! Thank you for coming, for looking around, for returning, for commenting, for being such Lovely Readers! I thought a giveaway would be the most fitting to celebrate this nice round number, as this blog wouldn't continue to build and exist even without you all!

So, drumroll, this is what you can win:


A brand new little purse (which could make a great cosmetic bag, pencil case or clutch) and pair of earrings from Jojó Art Shop, where I get so many of my accessories from. Both are original, handmade pieces and both have a little connection to my blog. (I leave that to you to figure out what.) I've been eyeing these lovelies for a while, so I'm so happy to offer them to you!

Look at me offering them! :D

What do you need to do to win them?

Follow Madeline Quaint through the means of your choice, GFC, Bloglovin, RSS, or even clicking refresh every day or so. Just leave me a comment about it!

Anyone can enter who has a valid address on planet Earth. (So if you're an alien from Andromeda, but you have a P.O. Box in, say, Arkansas, don't hesitate to enter!)


Extra entries:

- 1 extra entry to every Lovely Reader who's ever commented on my blog before.
- 1 extra entry for following my patchy updates on Twitter (@madelinequaint). (Those who already follow definitely deserve this entry for their perseverance! :)
- 1 extra entry if you tweet about the giveaway.
If you really don't know what to tweet try this: "A celebratory giveaway I really want to win...@madelinequaint"
- You can blog about the giveaway too, if you feel like it, for one more entry.

Please list how many times I should enter you in your comment and don't forget to leave some means I can reach you through!

The giveaway closes on the 30th of August, midnight CET, and the winner will be drawn on the 31st, midnight CET. The name will be drawn randomly, unfortunately not by a trained monkey, but I'll try and do a good job myself. :) I'll post the winner's name on the blog on the 1st of September.

Good luck and thank you again for your visits and comments! :)



ruthflo said...

Hiya! Cute purse + earrings! I'll enter!
I've commented your blog many times before too ;) Unfortunately I don't have Twitter...
Good luck with your giveaway and congrats on the 50th post!

The Cat Hag said...


Haha the items are so cute, this is a fabulous giveaway sweetie!! ♥♥

The Cat Hag

Julie Lan said...

oh oh I want to enter and I'm also
- a commenter on your blog before
- a follower on twitter

hehe fingers crossed this is SO CUTE

Hajar el hafiane said...

this is so great i rlly wanna win
such a gorgeous little purse im following you dear i hope i wiin this is such an exiting giveaway :)

Hajar el hafiane said...

this is my email and extra entry im following you on twitter my twitter name is makeupxsparkles :)

Hajar el hafiane said...

another Extra entry i tweeted about the giveaway i hope i win this is my twitter!/MakeupxSparkles

Titine & Totoche said...

HI!! I want to participate as well :)

Sarah said...

Your little blog is growing! I am here and on twitter, of course, and you should be happy because I almost never enter giveaways but that bag is too cute.

Julie Lan said...

thankss hope you had a great weekend hun! :D

Rach Gent said...

ohh! pick me! i love this!

following: rach.
following on tweeeeter: @rachgent

great giveaway chick, here's the email!

love, rach.

BoulevarddelaMadeleine said...

Congrats on your 50th post. I am excited to read 50+ more of them. I love the little purse. And the spectacle earrings are so cute. I'm definitely gonna tweet your celebration giveaway because I adore your blog and truly want to get your name out there:)
Good luck with your giveaway and many more future posts!

Isabella Batts said...

I love this and would be so happy to own it!!

The glasses, the soft blue polkadots, and the creative print make it so incredibly MADELINE, too.

Caroline Ergyerg said...

I'm entering! I'm following your blog now, which is terribly odd cos i was definitely following you before cos i've seen you in my google reader and that's normally how i see your posts anyway :/ but moving on...following you on twitter too of course and i'll try to remember to tweet about it too :D xxxx

Nikki said...

haha, here we go: I follow you on GFC

Nikki said...

I also follow you on Twitter ^^

Nikki said...

I have commented a few times before :) (I feel like I'm spamming right now)

Nikki said...

And now I've tweeted about this giveaway too :D x

Robyn said...

Super cute! said...

Noooooo just missed it! Dammit.